Idaho State University presents "The Crucible"

Date: Saturday, 14th October 2017 07:30 PM

Venue: (208) 282-3595  |  City: Pocatello, United States

“The Crucible” focuses on a town gone mad with accusations of witchcraft, and the famous witch trials that ensued. Several young girls are caught in the woods conducting Satanic rituals. To escape punishment, they claim that a slave from Barbados forced them to participate and that they were under the influence of evil spirits “sent out” by various townspeople. One of the people accused is Elizabeth Proctor, whose husband John becomes the central character. Proctor attempts to clear his wife’s name, even by proclaiming his own sins to the community. Instead of saving his wife, Proctor finds himself accused of witchcraft and ultimately condemned to death with a host of others.


(208) 282-3595
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Bartz Dr, Pocatello
ID 83201, United States




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